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Please find below a selection of genuine client testimonials / client feedbacks which we have received over the years ..


Dear Ian

Mike and I have just returned from the south of France and have finally managed to get the keys to our lovely holiday home.

This would not have happened, had it not been for your advice and vast experience of the French mortgage market, your ability to always find solutions whatever the issue or problem, your persistence in pulling all the strings together, not to forget your sense of humour.

We could not think of a better person to have guided us through this purchase, and we are of the view for anyone seeking a French mortgage, you should be the number one stop.

Thank you so much.

With best wishes

Mike and Sabine (July 2018)

Hi Ian

I’m sorry it’s taken a while to write - we’ve not stopped since we got the keys. THANK YOU very much for your help, advice, organising, and cajoling.

The house is bought and the local agent has already let it out for 3 weeks, so covering the next 6 months of mortgage.

Please let me know if you’d like me to do any on-line reviews or similar. I will of course recommend you to everyone / anyone I come into contact with who is looking to get a French mortgage.

Let me know if you’re ever near Sarlat a Caneda!

best wishes


Thank you so much for all of your help with everything,we would have no
 hesitation in recommending your services and hope to be able to do so in the
 near future as we have friends looking to buy. 
 Once again hearty thanks for making this one of the most pain free things we
 have ever done

 All the best
Martin and Lorraine  


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help, not to mention patience over all this.  I have a feeling that every thing would perhaps have gone a lot smoother had Norway been in the EU.  I feel it must have meant  rather more work and trouble for you than normal, hich  both Ann and I appreciate very much. Should I hear of anyone needing a mortgage broker, I will have no hesitation in recommending you, though maybe you would rather stear clear of any dealings in Norway in the future!!  I have already told the estate agent in Vichy how pleased we were with the efficient way you have handled things. Enough of this, I'm sure by now you have got the message!  

 With all best wishes from us both, 

MR & MRS R (in Norway)  


Many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.  Should we purchase a small chalet or villa in 2006-7 (TVA
lease-back), we will be back for another mortgage ! 

 Bye for now.... 



Hope all is well. Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have now completed on my property and am flying down to France at the weekend for my first visit - very excited! Thanks for all your hard work regarding the purchase I feel it all went extremely smoothly. I can't remember if you have any original documents of mine, but if you have any chance you could post them back? Thanks. My plans are to totally refurbish the property over the next 18 months and possibly look at letting it out during the summer peak season of 2005. If I were interested in purchasing another property at a later date in France, specifically as a renovation and letting project would it be possible? Could I obtain another mortgage? Could I re-mortgage? Taking into consideration that I would keep the place in Roquebrun and it would be a second investment. Lastly, do you ever get involved with financing property in Spain?

Best regards,


I thought I'd let you know that everything seems to be hunky-dory re my purchase. The signing date is 9 April, the mortgage is all confirmed and approved, the property insurance etc has been sorted by Thiery in Calais. So, come April 9th I will own a property in France. 
 I appreciate your considerable assistance and expertise, it made the whole venture less daunting and indeed quite straightforward, even if I did ask a few daft questions! 
 I will refer any friends to you with pleasure should any of them choose to follow me, many are keen but it could all be talk! 
 Kind regards, 
 thanks again



We have now completed on our property in France and this email is to say many thanks for your invaluable assistance. I cannot praise your firm highly enough. Buying a property abroad is clearly a complicated business but it is made an awful lot easier by the very efficient, very knowledgeable and at all times courteous service offered by your firm. I will be very pleased to provide a reference for other potential clients and/or for you to post these comments on your website. Once again very many thanks. 

 Best wishes
Tony R  


First of all - thank you for all your great help with
our mortgage for our flat in the South of France. As
you probably know, we contacted various agents and
mortgage providers, but you and your connections were
indeed very professional - quick, service-minded and
friendly. So thanks again! 

 And based on our recent experience with you, we
 thought of contacting you again now with some
 questions you may well be able to help us with in
 regards to a potential business venture in France. 

 The project is as follows...... Thanks a lot Ian
 Looking forward to hearing from you


Now back in the UK. All went well, we finally completed on Friday, 30 January. 
 Thank you for all your help, given all the potential problems it all went remarkably smoothly ! 
 I will certainly recommend you to any colleagues who are thinking of buying in France. 
 Thanks again. 
 Kind regards


We've just heard from BPI that they've received our confirmation and all we need now is a date from the notaire ! Thanks for your assistance - We have been impressed with your service and will recommend you to all our friends! We're still wading through stuff with Stephen Smith - I must say that he's been a bit slow to respond - and often his communications are in 'template' form. Maybe he's just busy. Anyway thanks again. 

Dr. Lesley M
Chartered Clinical Neuropsychologist  


Yes, exactly!  Thank you for all your help throughout the process.  You have really made things easy and have always responded rapidly and helpfully. 

 Kind regards
 Lucy D  


You helped me purchase a pied-a-terre in Paris, Avenue Simon ....... in April 2001-we first liaised in February 2001, and you put me in touch with Philippe Vasseur at the French Bank. When I finally signed-after the promesse de vente etc...I sent you a  box of chocolates to thank you and to celebrate, since you had been very helpful! I have not forgotten about you! A friend of mine, Australian, London-based, is currently looking to purchase a pied a terre in Paris. I thought of you straight away. Are you still working as a mortgage agent? Also, in the last 3 years, I have retrained  and started to work as an Interior Designer-doing residential projects from bathrooms to kitchens to whole flats/houses. Since I intend to work between France and the UK with my team of contractors in the near future, I wondered if that would be of any interest as an extra service your company could provide to your clientele? I understand that being a French Interior Designer with an English team of builders is in demand. Would be great to hear from you. Please also do let me know re: mortgage etc..for Paris. 

 In the meantime, 
 Kind Regards, 


You arranged a mortgage for me earlier this year with ...... I have subsequently moved F/T to the area ( Pyrenees Orientales) & am in the midst of setting up my own business re property & leisure services - I am inheriting part of an existing business & already have potential clients who are asking re mortgages - I would like to be in a position to refer business to someone in the trade who I can genuinely recommend. Are you interested in such referrals in exchange for a referral fee based on genuine completions ? Plse excuse the direct approach but as you can appreciate I am exploring numerous options. My experience re FMC was a good one - very simple & professional so it makes sense for me to recommend you subject of course to commercial sense. 
 I look forward to hearing from you
 Thank you


It's done. 
It wasn't simple as the vendor was still haggling over the furniture when we
were signing with the Notaire. 
Finally she gave in and had to give us back 17,000euros. 

Thank you for all the help and advice. 

Kind regards



Thanks for the great news, I can now make some plans. 
 We would like to thank you for your tremendous help and guidance throughout the process, we would not have succeeded without it. 
 We will sing your praises on our little French home web site and hopefully can point a few other prospects your way in the future. 
 Thanks again


I hope you had a good break  Contracts were  exchanged on Monday and completion is on October 14  Our furniture is in the house . House and furniture are insured , Please can you check that my life insurance is up and running and when the first payment is due .   
Thanks for all your help all the delays were French !  
Christopher R  


Thanks very much for everything.  If you ever need a client reference we will be more than pleased to provide it. 
 Have a good holiday. 


Only just got this email as computer had been whisked away by movers by the time you sent it. 

 All has gone well, we are  almost settled and loving it... 
 Many thanks for all your help and jolly email correspondence.  I'll keep looking for an op. to give you a glowing mention in the Times. 



Many thanks.  We expect to complete on the property in about 2 weeks, so
 the mortgage will be drawn down then. 

 Many thanks also for your excellent help throughout.  Your guidance
 notes, etc, have been very helpful at every stage. 

 Kind regards 



Thank you very much for your efforts so far - your service is exceptional, and Nora and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.  I have a few more questions re the 'acceptation de l'offre'. I'm sorry if some of them are obvious, but I want to get this right first time. 1. Even though the mortgage is in my name - Nora still needs to sign the acceptance document (this is alluded to in your explanatory email on p.3, but I want to ensure this is correct). 2. On the 'acceptation de l'offre' does 'fait' refer to the place i.e. post code or the name of where we live? And does 'LE...' refer to the date? 3. Do the signatures need to be witnessed as in the 'model loan offer' on p.7 there is a statement 'in witness thereof...', however, this is not obvious on the actual loan offer' 


Just to confirm that I am of course fully satisfied that there are no penalties for early redemption whilst we keep a variable product. We now understand that the Notaire was referring to the registry of the mortgage which will remain for the term of the loan.  We are very pleased with the service we have received from both BPI and yourself. We will definitely recommend friends and family to contact you first if they want to take out a French mortgage. 
 Thanks again
Howard S 


Thanks for all you help - I'll certainly recommend your services to any
 friends buying in France! 

 Completion is due on the 8th - so all seems set. 




Thank for all your help, me and my husband are  so excited now about having
 it ! 
 With a bit of luck we did indeed get there, I am so happy that I have found
 you, your level of service is excellent, without any hesitation I will
 recommend you to anyone who wants to a place if France !! 



I expect you got Jean-Christophe's message that our mortgage has been finalized. The whole process has been much less stressful than we anticipated. It was invaluable to have you as an intermediary with the bank, and BPI (in the form of J-C) were a pleasure to deal with. Also, the deals you offered were certainly better than those available from a local mortgage consultant recommended by our estate agents. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else I come across who is looking for a mortgage in France. If I may I will also give your details to the English member of staff at the estate agent here, as she is always on the lookout for people to recommend to her clients. 
 Best wishes
Jo W


Received mortgage offer from  .....   on Saturday 24/05 /2003 Thanks for all your efforts if I know of anyone else requiring a French Mortgage I shall certainly recommend you! By the way I received your English translation which is useful. Cheers


Thank you so much for all your help. I am just waiting for the période de reflection to end and then send everything back to ..... 
 I have also contacted Stephen Smith re  making a French will and changing our English one, so hope we can get that sorted before we sign at the end of June now! 
 I have asked the notaire to act as power of attorney for Colin as it now seems unlikely that we can both go over to sign. Frustrating but not a major problem. 
 If I have any problems with the offer I'll contact Celine - she has been very helpful so far. 


Just thought I'd let you know that we finally closed on our house yesterday. Thanks for all your help. The whole process was remarkably smooth. I have already passed your email address on to some colleagues. 
 Best wishes
Alastair M  


I just wanted to let you know that we completed the purchase of the
millhouse in Blainville-Crevon last week.  Thank you once again for all
of your efforts along the way. 

 Best Regards, 
Stuart &  Sowmya S  


I thought I would just send you a quick note to say Thank You for arranging my french mortgage. Everything has progressed very smoothly indeed and this is in no small measure due to you and your excellent service. I appointed Gregory Denoyelle as Notaire. I found him to be both delightful and very helpful. 
 Kind regards
Charles H  


Just to let you know that we are now the proud owners of a house in France!  Many thanks for your help in securing our mortgage.  
 We will soon want to apply for extra finance for our swimming pool and renovation plans, but presumably we should approach the bank directly in this regard? 
 Thanks again. 
 Best wishes, 
Vicky & Toby G  


Thank you, for all your help and advice throughout the process. 
 As for the future, please keep me informed regarding any new developments on  'interest only' mortgage options
 Best regards


Firstly, may I wish you a belated Merry Christmas as well as every happiness
 for the New Year. Sorry that I have been out of touch for the last few
 weeks, I have been away from the office for most of it and don't have much
 email access when not here...yet! 
 I would like to thank you most sincerely for all the help that you have
 given us in the purchase of our house. Although we have not heard anything
 official yet, I believe we took ownership of it on the 19th Dec (Madame was
 on holiday whilst we were in France so had to sign a proxy form for the
 Notaire to sign on our behalf! 
 But, we've now been to the house and were given a comprehensive tour by the
 previous owner and it is everything we had hoped and more. Lovely place! THe
 locals appear to be most welcoming and our favourite cognac place is only a
 mile and a half down the road. What more could one ask for?! 
 Without your help I am convinced that we would never have successfully
 negotiated the financing maze especially bearing in mind the extra
 difficulties added by my current location and the extra necessitated by the
 mobile home. Thanks you very much indeed for everything. Naturally I would be
 delighted to refer your company to anyone in a similar position and have
 already mentioned it to a few. 

 Thanks again - Happy New Year and speak again soon. 

 With best wishes, 



Just thought I'd let you know we have now had the handover of the apartment, very happy with it, and looking forward to spending New Year there, so I would like to thank you  for all your help with the mortgage - I know its only a relatively small value but nevertheless this and other aspects of the process have been an interesting introduction to French bureaucracy if only on a minor level, and I guess that without your help we might still have been waiting for the final completion! 
 So thanks again and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, 


It did thank you; gave my wife a few nervous moments and also the vendor. 
 Anyway alls well that ends well. so thank you for your help on this matter. 
 I shall certainly recommend your services to anyone else I know who is
 purchasing property in France. 

 (Its been quite a week as I exchange on our future home in Oxford on

 Thanks again



We completed the purchase of the Chalet on Monday at the offices of our notaire. Both the owner and her husband were present and all went very smoothly - a miracle given what had gone before! We even read your quotes in the Times on Saturday as we were on the plane to Geneva... it was a pity that they spelt your name wrong - but at least all the references to FMC were correct ! 
 Many, many thanks for all the assistance that you gave to us. 
 Best wishes
Stephen and Nadja  


I would recommend you to anyone !



Just wanted to keep you in the loop and say everything is in order
 except my bad luck still follows me.  I had sent the Bank's offer back to
 stephane last Wednesday.... the Irish guy at the postroom put the post box
 number in the Postal code field on the airway bill..... the offer went ups
 in Nancy - eastern France - instead of Paris...!.... Stephane got it in the
 end Friday and kindly sent everything back yesterday to our notaire.  So
 they have everything they need now on that side. 

 We could sign tomorrow except now the sellers rent from us for one month
 and do not want to leave a deposit ..... Grrr!  We are trying to make them
 see sense since we are doing everything we can to suit them since it all
 started...!  So we will see....but I hope we own this soon! 

 Thanks a million again for all your help, it meant a lot.  Quality work is
 priceless so I hope all your lenders appreciate your input in this way.  I
 certainly won't hesitate to give your details to anybody wanting to buy in
 France with a mortgage. 

 With kind regards 



Just returned from a weekend trip to take furniture over to the chalet.  All sorted and very happy with the purchase.  Thanks very much for all your help in making the whole process pretty painless from our point of view.  Particular thanks for putting up with my changes of mind. I am currently singing your praises to a couple of people who are thinking of making purchases in France, so hopefully I may be able to put some more business your way. 
 thanks again


Well we arrived on the Saturday to find everything had been completed on the Friday but were unable to get into the property until the Monday due to difficulties in getting the keys to us. Many thanks for all your help in chasing up the letters etc both with .....  and ......  Due to the further falls in the Stock Market I'm sure more people will be looking for property abroad and I will have no hesitation in recommending you, your services and your excellent web site. 
 Again many thanks


Just a quick note to say thanks again and I will recommend you to others thinking of buying a property in France.All I need to do now is to fathom out how I can earn a living in France so I can say good bye to the rat race. Au revoir !            


Just thought I would let you know that, as of today, we own our apartment in Paris. Everything went well and I'd like to thank you for all your help in securing a mortgage, and making the whole process relatively painless. Thanks again
Brian H.  




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